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Just a small sample of the many testimonials we get from our members about our service

"I love the unlimited ringtones. Verizon said I couldn't download songs...but I have SO many now. Don't listen to Verizon." - Janet B.

"This is an AWESOME tool!! Well worth the investment! I have shared this with numberous of my IS co-workers, and all were quite impressed! Keep up the great work!" - William S.

"I've been looking for years for a good true quality service that I don't have to pay big bucks for and I FINALLY FOUND IT! THANK YOU!" - Josh M.

"I just wanted to say that your website is the best thing on the net. I have never been more satisfied! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!" - Rosa M.

"LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! I searched an searched for songs an pics that "I" liked for my phone an never could find anything till I found your site. No more looking now I just upload my own pics an clip my own music. Instead of what editors of other sites think I should like. Thank you so much for this service. I can't say enough good things about FREERINGERS.NET! I have already told all my friends about it." - Tracy P.

"I have recommended to some of my friends about your awesome service, and they have already purchased their own membership. Thanks again." - Jose Q.

"Great site. Finally a place to get the ringers you want." - Josh S.

"Great website and it's easy to use. Put a limitless supply of media in your control and on your phone! Great stuff. I HIGHLY recommend this subscription. " - Ira W.

"Without a doubt the best money you will spend for ringtones. Much cheaper then getting them from your service provider. Interface is easy to use also." - Chuck G.

"I just wanted to say that I think u guys are great. I have totally enjoyed this site. I find it easy to use and am very happy!!! Thanks again." - Karl B.

"I really love your website. Besides the ringtones, I enjoy using the wallpapers too. I have told several people about website. I have downloaded songs from my pc and used as ringtones, it's really neat." - 'Denise F.

"EXCELLENT! What more can you say!" - Tommy K.

"Thanks for all your help. What a great site. I have already had 3 of my co-workers and my dad sign up for it. I will continue to spread the word... Once again thanks." - Paul F.

"This site is the best ever!! And so easy to use. I have forwarded this to all my friends. I couldn't imagine a better or cheaper way of personalizing your phone so well! =)" - Robin R.

"I'm very satisfied with your service. This is great, I'm telling my friends about this and I'm getting my wife hooked on this too. Thank you and the support team is great thanks again." - Raul P.

"This website is very good. Thank you very much for making this website. I'm on here every week relaying something." - Tiffany H.

"I just LOVE this service! I wish I knew more people to offer this service to. I have clipped and converted all my new real music ringers using everything that you offer with this site." - Robert H.

"Just wanted to say that I love this site! I just finished downloading a bunch of stuff to my new phone. It is great because i can personalize my phone to be as unique as moi!" - Maricela B.

"I paid the 8 bucks, and I am soooooo glad that I did. I have the best ringtones. Everyone asks me where I get them from, and I tell them about your site. Good job, this is the best idea you could have come up with." - Simone L.

"This is the best website to download unlimited free ringtones. I am really pleased with the service offered on this website. I have a lot of cool ringtones and I am glad I got all of them for free. Paying only $8.00 to become member of such a great website like this is worth every single penny." - Shamsur R.

"I just wanted to say what a WONDERFUL site this is, and all I could ever want is more space on my phone to save all the great tones. Thanks so much!!!!" - Heather A.

"I just wanted to thank you for the great services you guys offer. I have told my friends and they are also very happy with this service." - Jessica T.

"THE BEST MONEY YOU WILL EVER SPEND ON RINGTONES FOR YOUR PHONE. For eight bucks you can have a rad new ringtone (or wallpaper, or screensaver) every day for the rest of your life. Okay you get the idea. This website is cooler than having a cell phone." - Karri C.

"This is an awesome website well worth the 8 bucks. Best 8 dollars I ever spent!!!!!!!" - Randy P.

"This site is incredible! I feel sick to my stomach that I ever paid $3 for a single ring that I couldn't even preview first!! Thank you for the fun and convenience you provide for such a great price! (I would have paid three times that for what you do) Thank You." - Jason H.

"Just wanted to say this site is really great. I told all my friends about it and now they do it too!! Keep up the good work." - Aaron R.

"I can't get over how great your site is. Everything you want to download a ringtone. THANK YOU FREERINGERS.NET for all your great service." - Jason M.

"I am really enjoying this stuff, and everyone I show this to, are very impressed. I have emailed my contact list with the info for your site so I think word should get around pretty quickly. You guys have cool download tools that are easy to use for the beginner. Thanks again." - Mike C.

"This site is awesome! I love how it gives step by step directions and tools for creating my own ringtones. My friends are jealous that I have such cool ringers and screensavers on my phone. I tell everybody how great this website is. thanks." - Amy V.
"I have visited numerous sights before but until I found this one, nothing on the net can compare, I would advise anyone to open there own account and enjoy the unlimited downloads." - Ivey Y.

"I have been looking for one specific ringtone that is compatible with my cell phone. It has not been an easy task!! But you guys did it. I found it and many others. I am truly ecstatic over my ringtone find." - Jessica C.

"This site is absolutely the best!! $8 is a steal for the service and instructions you provide. I now have the coolest cell phone ever thanks to this site. Thank you very much!!!!" - Christopher T.

"Unbelievable!!! It's just great!! All the other ones I tried charged a lot and their services weren't even close to this one. Everyone asks me where I got those cool tones and they think I paid a lot of money for them, they don't believe when I tell them that I can get any tone, as many as I want, for less than 10 dollars during life time!! Thanks for the great service, extremely fast also!!" - Victor C.

"Works super fantastic on my LG phone with Verizon no complaints at all. Best purchase, cheaper than data cable and worth every cent. Go this way." - David B.

"I paid eight buck for this and I thought it would never work. But indeed it works I know for the fact that I saved over hundreds of dollars this way sending pics and real tones to my phone. Only if everyone knew about this site and how much money they can save by using this site." - Richard C.

"I love this site!!!! I've been a member for several years now. I make my own tones all the time. It's a great way to dodge the ringtone charges and I make exactly what I want!!!!! " - George S.

"Those of us who have musical tastes that are a bit off the mainstream can all relate to the fact that there really isn't much in the way of content available that caters to our liking. I was complaining about that very thing today when a coworker mentioned this service and trumpeted about how great it was. I'm naturally a skeptic, but I had enough change in my couch to give this a try. After working with the tools provided I have just one thing to say...WOW!! No more do I have to settle for the material that I'm told that I "want". Never again will my phone sing the same lame song that everyone else's phone is singing! The process is incredibly easy and the tools work very well. This is exactly the solution I was hoping for, and it didn't require me to have to go into the "dark underworld" or be a computer genius. As I gaze into my crystal ball I see that you will have several new members within days based on my suggestion. THANK YOU!" - Eric N.

"I'm still very happy with the FREERINGERS.NET service, as happy as I was the first time I used it way back when! I know us users don't say it often enough, but thank you!" - Devon C.

"I am not very computer savvy, but with your clear instructions I was able to download ringtones and graphics. Oh by the way, my students told me about your website. Thanks again." - Jayme F.

"This is the best 8 bucks I spent on the web and it does what it says! I like having the ability to create different ringtones and screensavers that make my phone set out than the others! " - Andrea A.

"I must say this is the best 8 bux I've spent phone wise. I think for the 5 ringtones i made myself Sprint would have charged me about 12 bucks. With Sprint's crappy sound quality and a small selection it wasnt worth the money. Now I can make all the ringtones that I sat around for Sprint and other sites to make." - Sherita G.

"This site is absolutely amazing. I'm no computer whiz and making the ringtones is very very easy and fun. I can't believe all the money I'm saving, and I can get any ringtone i want, not just what is offered on a site or by the phone company. You will not be disappointed here!" - Jen F.

"I love this site!! Just knowing I can use my own taste to make my phone ring differently from all the others!! I was looking for one particular song and could not find it anywhere...but now I have it thanks to the awesome tools you offer and easy instructions!! Keep up the good work!! " - Lisa H.

"Very nice tools, all you'll ever need! I am elated at my choice to purchase a membership. Tech support quite good and very prompt as well. Well done FREERINGERS.NET!" - Gavin A.

"No way you can have unlimited ringtones for $8 and have it actually work. I WAS SHOCKED!! Not only did it work, I can also make up ringtones no one else has. I don't know how you do it but don't stop. I can't get enough!!!" - Michelle A.

"I love it great ringers for nothing but a one time $8 charge awesome!!!!!!!!" - Eric K.

"Thank you for creating this awesome service. I am delighted with everything. " - Jack R.

"I am totally happy with your service! It makes uploading to my phone sooo easy and NOT expen$ive. Thanks!" - Conni F.

"I like the way you set this all up, it is like a Google for ringtones with a one click 'send to phone' feature, cool, very good for 8 bucks." - Jared H.

"I love this site! And I love the directions and instructions. They are all easy and simple. As well as the programs given. THANKS, I love it!" - Scott A.

"I love your site! I have used it soo much I ran out of memory on my phone :(" - Nicole B.

"Thank you for your help with this. You've gone above and beyond what I expect from customer service." - Michael M.

"Wow all I can say is that this service is awesome... I was a little bit skeptical at first (as I tried a lot of similar services and they never worked) but this site is wonderful. You provided GREAT and FAST service and now I can get anything to ring on my phone. Thanx for this great service. And for the price... The $8 is soooooooooo worth it." - La U.

"Thanks alot for the fast reply you have been a big help I was having problems with it but now I got it.. I will definitely refer this site to my friends.. Thanks again." - Jay B.

"Thank you very much for your excellent customer service." - Tom E.

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