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  Dixie Land Ringtone 

Dixie Land
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Dixie Land Lyrics

She’d rather wear a pair of cut-off jeans than a fancy evening dress
And with her windows rolled down and her hair all blown all around, she’s a hot southern mess...
She’ll take a beer over white wine and a campfire over candle light
And when it comes to love, oh her idea of a romantic night...

Is listenin’ to old Alabama, drivin' through Tennessee...
A little Dixieland Delight at the Right Time of the Night
And she can’t keep her hands off of me-ee-eee!

Now we’re rollin’ down an old back road
I got the steering wheel in one hand...
We’ll find a hideaway where she and I can play
In Mother Nature’s band...

Now we’re listenin’ to old Alabama, parked somewhere in Tennessee...
A little Dixieland Delight and It Feels So Right

And It’s Love In The First Degree-ee-eee

br> Forget about Sinatra or Coltrane, or some ol’ Righteous Brothers song
Hey even Barry White ain’t gonna work tonight if you really wanna turn her on
Play some back home come on music that comes from the heart,
Play something with lots of feeling, ‘cause that’s where mu b68 sic has to start

Now we’re listenin' to Old Alabama, and we’re drivin' through Tennessee
A little Dixieland Delight and It Feels So Right and its Love in the First Degree...

Yeah’ you know we’re listenin' to Old Alabama
(old Alabama) drivin' through Tennessee
A little Why Lady Why at The Right Time of The Night
Oh and she can’t keep her hands off of me-ee-eee

Oh, play me some old Alabama
Oh, play me some old Alabama...
Won’t you play me some old Alabama
Oh pla-ee-ay-ay...

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