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We never charge for sending ringtones, wallpaper, or screensavers to your phones, no matter how many you send. While you can send an unlimited number of files to your phones for free, you must first be a member to fully use our service. Our service does NOT charge you weekly, monthly, or even yearly fees. Your single payment gives you a full 12 month membership and you're never charged again. You won't be charged again from us no matter how many files you download. It's true unlimited free downloads with no spam or funny tricks!
To put it simply, our service costs $7.99 for a year membership, that's it. At the end of the year you will NOT be charged again. Your membership will simply expire, there's nothing you need to do. If you wish to extend your membership at that time, you may do so by ordering a new membership. But, at no point will you ever be charged again.

We mention $0.99 per month to allow you to better compare our service to our competitors that charge as a monthly subscription. $7.99 for a year works out to $0.99 per month with 4 months free. Actually, since it's $7.99 and your membership lasts a year, that averages less than $0.67 per month after you factor in the first 4 months that are free. It just depends how you look at it.

To summarize, our service is a year membership for a single $7.99 payment. There are never any monthly charges and at the end of the year your membership automatically expires and you are not charged again.
Absolutely! Our standard service allows you to send an unlimited number of ringtones and wallpaper to as many as 4 different phones and each can even be with different cellular companies. These 4 phones can be family members, friends, or whoever you wish. A single $7.99 payment will allow you to send an unlimited number of ringtones and screen savers to 4 different phones. You can also change your phone model or even cellular company at any time! And don't forget, our membership lasts 12 months! Not just a month like the others.
No. Unlike the files you get from your cell phone company, the files sent from FreeRingers will stay on your phone until you delete them.
Your membership lasts 12 months (366 days). Not just a month like our competitors. A single $7.99 payment will allow you to send an unlimited number of real music ringtones, polyphonic ringtones and wallpaper your phone and the phones of your family and friends. You will also never be billed again and there's no hidden fees.
Absolutely! For images we even take care of automatically sizing the image to fit on your phone! Any MP3 or CD audio track can be converted into a real music ringtone and sent to your phone. Also, your files are totally confidential and only you can download them. So feel free to upload anything you want.
Unlike most ringtone sites, we don't limit you to a fixed group of ringtones that you must choose from. You can send ANY song ever written as a ringtone using our service. Any CD or MP3 can be sent to your phone as a ringtone. You'll never run out of options with our service and you won't have to settle for ringtones that someone else thinks you'll like. Express yourself with the exact ringtone you want. While we do have a ringtone database and search with over 29,000 unique songs, any song can be used as a ringtone, not just those in our database.
We've made it very easy to test your phone with FreeRingers and verify it's compatible before you order. Simply visit our Test Your Phone page and test out several kinds of files with your phone. You'll know up-front that your phone works before you order. What could be easier or give you more piece of mind?
Visit the Test Your Phone page and test your phone with the different file formats to see which file formats are compatible with your phone model. If you find your phone works but is not listed, please contact us so we can add your phone to the compatible phones list.
Yes! We call these real music ringtones and you can send as many as you want to your phone. Real music ringtones include the original singer's voice and sound exactly like the CD because they're sampled directly from the original CD. Real music ringtones can also be sound effects or any sampled sound or music you like.
There are two types of messages you may get when testing our service with your phone.

  1. Text message with web link - Once you receive the text message you need to open it and "Go" to the link provided. Some phones don't have a direct "Go" option. For these phones you may need to access the menu or option key for an option that allows you to "Go To" the link or save it to your bookmarks. If you still can't find the "Go" option use your phone's internet browser and access where you can download the files to test your phone.

  2. MMS/Picture Message with file attached - With MMS messages the file is attached to the message. For many phones it's quite obvious how the attached file is saved. For other phones, you must scroll down to find the attached file which you can then save to your phone. While still others you must go into an options menu to save the attached file. Since each phone is different, you may need to consult your phone's manual or contact your cellular company or phone manufacture for instructions on how to receive and save a file attached to a MMS message. Please also note that not every cellular company has MMS as an option so this method may not be available for testing.
When you order our service, you'll automatically be registered and given your login information upon completion. We just do it all in one step instead of you having to do it twice like many sites require. Be warned that other sites that want you to register simply do this so they can spam you or sell your phone number which results in mysterious charges on your cell phone bill. We NEVER send out unsolicited emails or anything spam related. We hate spam just as much as you do. We also keep your phone numbers secure and never release or sell your phone numbers. Further, we NEVER charge your cell phone bill, we don't even have the ability to do this. So, you can be assured you won't get any strange charges on your phone bill with our service like you often get with other ringtone services.
Yes! We allow you to send polyphonic ringtones to your phone. Polyphonic means multiple instrument ringtones and are sometimes called MIDI ringtones.
  • Images depend on the size of your phone's display. They typically range from 10k for lower resolution phones to 20k for higher resolution phones. Phones with very high resolution displays may be larger.

  • Polyphonic ringtones range from 1k to 10k with the maximum being about 30k as long as you click the option that forces the length to not being longer than 30 seconds.

  • Real music ringtones all depend on how many seconds long and what the file type is. MMF and AMR files are always under 30k. QCP files are typically 30-60k. MP3 files are 4k per second while AAC files are 6k per second.

  • No, you don't need a data or USB cable. Our service by default sends files directly to your phone over the Internet or attached to a text message. Therefore, a data cable is not required. However, if you want to use a data cable or Bluetooth we have that option as well. Files can be downloaded to your computer and then sent to your phone over a data cable, Bluetooth, or whatever means you want.
    Absolutly not! We are NOT in that business and you will never get any kind of junk text messages like jokes, horoscopes, trivia, or anything of the sort from us. We also DO NOT give or sell your number or email address to anyone as stated in our privacy notice. The only time you will ever get a text message from us is when you're sending a file to your phone. And even those text messages can be turned off if you wish to use your phone's browser to download files.
    Yes! Our service has been fully tested with the latest Safari, Firefox and IE browsers on the Mac running the latest OS X. Our real music ringtone conversion will also work with Mac computers converting to MP3, MP4 (ACC), QCP, and WAV file formats. As new features are added, Mac compatibility is always tested and verified.
    Visit the Support and Contact page for more information or to contact our support staff.
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